Become a Ninja with Angular

By Ninja Squad



So you want to be a ninja, huh? Well, you’re in good hands!
But we have a long road, you and me, with lots of things to learn :).
We’re living exciting times in Web development. There is a new Angular. A complete rewrite of the
good old AngularJS. Why a complete rewrite? Was AngularJS 1.x not enough?
I like the old AngularJS very much. In our small company, we have built several projects with it,
contributed code to the core framework, trained hundreds of developers (yes, really), and even
written a book about it (in French, but that still counts).
AngularJS is incredibly productive once you have mastered it. Despite all of this, it doesn’t prevent
us from seeing its weaknesses. AngularJS is not perfect, with some very difficult concepts to grasp,
and traps hard to avoid.

Most of all, the Web has changed since AngularJS was conceived. JavaScript has changed. New

frameworks have emerged, with great ideas, or better implementation. We are not the kind of

developers to tell you that you should use this tool instead of that one. We just happen to know

some tools very well, and know what fits the project. AngularJS was one of those tools, allowing us

to build well-tested web applications, and to build them fast. We also tried to bend it where it didn’t

fit. Don’t blame us, it happens to the best of us.

The first 6 exercises of the Pro Pack are free. The other ones are only accessible if you buy our
online training. At the end of every chapter, we will link to the exercises of the Pro Pack that are
related to the features explained in the chapter, mark the free ones with the following label: ,
and mark the other ones with the following label: .
If you did not buy the “Pro package” (but really you should), don’t worry: you’ll learn everything
that’s needed. But you will not build this awesome application with beautiful ponies in pixel art.
Your loss :)!
You will quickly see that, beyond Angular itself, we have tried to explain the core concepts the
framework uses. The first chapters don’t even talk about Angular: they are what I call the “Concept
Chapters”, here to help you level up with the new and exciting things happening in our field.
Then we will slowly build our knowledge of the framework, with components, templates, pipes,
forms, http, routing, tests…
And finally we will learn about the advanced topics. But that’s another story.