How to improve your written communication?

To achieve a successful career, written communication is very crucial. Whether you are sending an email or any report to a client, if it is written error-free and precise, then you have a chance of leaving a good impression and this can show your technical skills positively too. 

Yes, for many of us writing can be daunting. However, with proper practice, it can be improved. One can apply for a course on business writing or attend an online workshop.

Let us check out the ways in which you can have a positive impact in your career with the help of effective written communication.

1.  Clear and Concise Facts

Your client may not trust you if the information shared is incorrect and chances are you may lose your credibility. Hence, do not just check Wikipedia or any outdated source before writing. You should visit more than one site and specifically official sites or sources which are more reliable and thus, use those facts in your reports or emails.  Proper checking of facts and figures is a must before writing any software details or IT related content. 

2.  Understand your audience

Are you messaging any client who is not aware of basic IT terms or you writing some business partners? You need to know first as to whom you are writing the mail or any message to. It’s important to tailor your language as per the audience, for example: Using too many technical terms with a Senior Business Manager may not be the most effective way to communicate


3.  Awareness of your tone

For instance, if you are writing any sales letter you need to be friendly and make your prospective client feel invited. You should share the benefits and the features in a simple yet effective manner. This will boost your business growth to a great extent.

4.  Proper Grammar

In the business world, it is very important to be clear with your message. Wrong grammar creates a bad impression. It is a must to use tenses and punctuation accurately. Hence, you can keep on reading more to enhance your grammar. 

Also, nobody likes short forms such as ‘thx’ in place of thanks or long paragraphs which just makes you roll your head.  So be concise in whatever you write. Emphasis on major facts by keeping them bold, to catch the attention of the readers is also a good trick.

5.  Proofreading and editing is a must

You would be amazed to know that many of the professionals forget to follow this step. Don’t you think it is necessary to ensure that whatever you have written is correct before sending it to your business partner or client? For instance, if you have mentioned some wrong information about the software, the client might get confused. Hence, proofread and if required edit the content before sending it to your audience. 

Hence, to conclude, high quality written communication is essential for your perspective to be understood clearly. The more skilful you become with your written communication, the more people would believe in your capability in a professional environment.