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“Eight in 10 employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, and seven in 10 feel that the influx of technology is adding to job dissatisfaction, finds a TimesJobs survey of over 1,100 working professionals.”

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Of course, your manager, technology impact, and the company’s work culture matters a lot, however, you being in the right role and doing what you are good at matters even more for job satisfaction.

In India, most students after graduation think about “jobs” and not “careers”. They want to take up a job in a particular domain because they have a degree and not because they like it. They take advice from people who “have-not-been-there-and-done-that”, they follow the herd when it comes to jobs and career choices. They do not self assess themselves while choosing a career path.

Skill At Will is the solution to this problem. Other than providing people with access to affordable training, we help individuals assess their interests, passion, and abilities and help them in discovering the best career path.

We help you Skill at Will and build a career in the right areas. We want to help you get into the top 10% of whichever tech domain your wish to build a career in.

At Skill At Will, our end goal is to increase the employability in India with a decrease in the job ratio. With our classroom-equipped, skill-based, emerging technology courses, we help people achieve what is needed the most in the country today: better-paying jobs and a skilled workforce.

According to the recent report published on LinkedIn, by 2024, more than 24 million people in India will lose their jobs. Stressed already? Well, to overcome this huge wave of recession, people should equip themselves with not just knowledge but skill sets as well so that they can easily adapt themselves as per the changing requirements. And we, at SKill at Will are here to help!

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Find the skill you want to learn and enroll in 3 steps


Search for the course, training institute or trainer based on your location preference


compare the courses offered by our partner institues and trainers based on your needs


Book a demo, or buy and enroll in the course you like based on your convenience

If you need guidance and expert advice, Let us know you better first.

Follow the below guidelines to help us know you:

  • Enroll to our career test. (link)
  • Talk to our career guidance expert.*
  • After analyzing your path, our expert will help you pick the best-suited skill course for you.

*This service is chargeable.